Starting a new business?    You have the idea and a business plan.   Now you need to maneuver the internet to get your business online, noticed, and reaching potential customers to sell your products or services.   So where do you start?  

First is your company website.   The website represents your business and will provide to your online customer the first impression of what you do.       Easy, what is next….

Create your online presence – Google My Business Account, LinkedIn, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and do include all the professional association pages or any sites your customers may be searching. 

Get your business found online – This is where we get technical.   Ensuring accurate business postings and Optimizing your SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) which includes building citations and using Data Aggregators.    Prepare for research, time and learning or look to a Digital Marketing company to provide expertise and value.  

Create your social media presence – Start talking about your business and providing your customers insights to add value to their business on all social medial platforms.    You do not have to be a professional blogger, again a Digital Marketing company can add value and save you time while getting your message to the right customers. 

Collect customer reviews and feedback – Positive and managed negative reviews all provide new customers insight into your business.    The number of stars on your business rating influences new customers.    Take the time to reach out to customers for reviews and respond to reviews.    Again, this is were a Digital Marketing Company can provide tools and support of your customer feedback and business rating.

Advertise and SEO Optimization – Your business can grow organically (it takes time) or you can promote your business.   Advertising online ad programs should be specific to your target market and generate leads.  Ad campaigns are a trade off of time and money.   Consider the lifetime cost of your customer business when deciding how much money and time you want to spend on a lead.    Prepare to make modifications based on feedback and invest over a minimum 3 months.   Talk to your Digital Marketing Company for a plan.     Remember, a good marketing strategy and SEO’s are constantly being reviewed and updated.   Online business is continually changing, so too will your marketing campaign and SEOs.  

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